How to make maida roti

How to make maida roti

How to make maida roti


Water: 1-1/2 cup
Oil 1teaspoon
Salt: optional

You need to prepare Roti Dough first to make Maida Roti

1.Take maida in a bowl and put salt into it (put salt as per the taste).
2. Mix it with oil
3. Keep on adding water as required.
4.Leave the dough for 15minutes and cover it with wet cloth.

Steps for making maida roti at home:

1. Light the gas stove and put tawa into it. (tawa- frying pan made of metal)
2. Let the tawa to be hot.
3. Roll the dough ball into a round flat circle.
4. Put the maida roti in hot tawa.
5. Cook the one side first. (Press on top so its puff up).
6. Turn the roti and cook another side. You can use roti chimta (bread concern) to turn.
7.Remove it and keep the roti in container.
8.Apply ghee or butter in roti to make it softer.
9.Serve maida rotis with your favourite curries.


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